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Lorraine Phillips

Hi just a little about myself.

I can remember the very first photograph I took, it was with an old Box Brownie that my parents gave me when I was about 12 or so, it was of a neighbours horse named Jet. I can't remember what ever happened to it but it started off my love for photography.

The next camera I owned was a Kodak but can't remember what it was. Through the years my love for photography was always there and never did anything about it till we invested in our first digital a HP of some sort, digital was great, point and shoot... if I made a mistake just delete it and start again, wow that was the best.

My very first BIG digital was a Canon 300D, I sold it and bought a Canon 20D, I also have a Canon PowerShot G10 which I love and use it on most outings now as I find the 20D is rather heavy.

I have been a member of the CPS now for 4 years, it has helped me a lot with my learning from being on auto to progressing further.

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