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Matthew Kenwrick

Hi just a little about myself.

I remember on Christmas day as an 8 year old getting my first camera and using the whole roll within an hour in the backyard. I’m sure my parents must have thought this is going to be expensive. This was in the days when photos were black and white, big white border and square in format. Ever since then I’ve always had a camera of sorts but it wasn’t until the end of 2010 that I was finally able to afford a decent DSLR (a second hand EOS40D) and really try and push myself.

I would regularly take photos every weekend ranging from my kid’s soccer game to early morning hunts around Cairns. Being a salesperson that is regularly on the road I’ve learnt to always have the camera in the car. If I am out of Cairns I can often finish my work early enough to take photos in Far North Queensland’s regional towns.

My favourite themes are animals such as birds and dogs, travel shots and if anyone checks my photo-stream on Flickr, street candids. My link is here:

The Cairns Photographic Society has been a great help in getting me out of my comfort zone and bed early in the morning. I look forward to providing a slightly different angle than what some people may be accustomed to.

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