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Jackie Hammer

I've always been interested in photography and took lots of wonderful travel shots from over 16 countries as a young adult.  Then life got busy and it wasn't until the birth of my children and the digital age that I got more serious about it.  In 2006 I joined Southside Camera Club and then joined Cairns Photographic Society in 2008.

My first interests were in photographing children and nature – macro insects, birds, fungi and flowers.  I also liked being in wilderness areas for landscape and seascape photography.  I love entering competitions and enjoyed the monthly CPS themed competitions, and also started entering national and international competitions primarily with my nature images.  In 2011 the club introduced a new Creative competition section.  At first this was quite daunting to me, having little knowledge of image manipulation, and coming from a background of nature photography where only minimal editing can be done to an image.  After a while something 'clicked' and I began to come up with creative ideas – but the challenge was to put the ideas together successfully in photoshop!  Most of my creative work is now planned, although sometimes an image evolves out of something else.  I love the freedom and fun of creative work, it really has opened up a whole new world.  So this is one of my photographic passions – my other passions are architecture, abstract, minimalism and liquid art, along with my old favourites nature photography and scapes.

Please enjoy the photos, they are inspired by the world around me.

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