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Cairns Photographic Society Club

Monthly Competitions and Club Outings 2016

We have a ”buddy’ system for all new members attending their first outing with the club. If you would like to assist with this, please let us know at the next meeting.

A slide show is created from these outings. So please submit your best 10 or more photographs on CD in large size and give to Ingrid at the following club meeting. That way we can all enjoy each other's images.

2017 Monthly Competitions and Outing CALENDAR

Images may NOT be resubmitted for judging in subsequent months.
All competition entries must be handed to the competition secretary BEFORE or ON the appropriate club meeting night.
Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Membership 2017/18

2nd & 3rd Thursdays monthly
3rd Thursday monthly
Competition Critiques
Tutorials, Slideshows

usually last Sunday in the Month
22 January

Sunday 22 January
The Wildlife Dome- meet 9am

9 February

Cominos House

Motion &/or Blur (digital)

Motion - of things. A picture in which our visual senses tell us that the subject must have been moving when the picture was taken.
It may be depicted in a sharp image or by deliberate use of blur by allowing the focus to become soft due to subject or camera movement, including, capturing motion of anything by using slow shutter speed, or even using 2nd curtain sync flash.
The image may include deliberate un-sharp image areas caused by subject or camera movement, or by selective or incorrect focusing or intentional camera movement.

"New Zealand Special"

Guest speakers:
Rob Harris

Showcasing his travels and tips on photography/gear /travel/highlights and much more.

To be followed by a
New Zealand short movie. Bring you cushion and a drink :-)

Meet your member
Peter Hall.

Competition/critique results:
"OPEN" November '16
and Portfolio critique.

Field Trip Slideshow: Goomboora Park and Limberlost.


Sunday 26 February
Mt Uncle Distillery
at 1819 Chewko Road, Walkamin.

Restaurant opens at 10am for drinks and light snacks, the kitchen opens at 12md for meals. 

Possibly consider a late start and stay over for early evening meal.  There is a small animal park with goats, donkeys, alpacas and peacocks.

9 March

Cominos House

Black & White/Monochrome (print)
This could be just B&W or contain a single tone, such as eg. sepia or rose tint.

Competition and Critique Night
Portfolio Results and Motion/Blur Results

Jackie Hammer Speaker

Dome Wild Life Outing Slideshow

Sunday 26th March
Beach Crawl
Ellis Beach Cafe at 3pm
followed by a walk up the beach for photo opportunities. As the light will not be best at that time of day, bring your flash and try some fill-in flash portraiture and other subjects.

16 March

Cominos House

Tutorial Evening - commences 7pm Cost $10pp
Lightroom for beginners.

Topics - What is the Lightroom catalog; Setting up a LR catalog, Importing photos from your camera and hard drive; Organising your catalog in a logical manner; Moving and re-arranging photos and files within the catalog structure; Exporting photos; Using external editors; Basic development techniques.

As an introduction, this course is designed to cover only one aspect of Lightroom - the catalog. At completion you should have created a workable catalog and have enough knowledge to import all your existing photos into the catalog in an orderly fashion. Participants will need a laptop with Lightroom installed, power cables, a mouse and a camera with some images or card reader and cables. Tutorial instruction sheets will be provided. There will be a form at the next meeting for participants to register their interest.

23 March

Cominos House

Tutorial Evening - commences 7pm Cost $10pp
Photoshop for beginners.
Topics - What is Photoshop; what is the difference between Lightroom and Photoshop; How to open photos in PS; What are Layers; How to duplicate layers; How to copy layers between images; Using Layer styles and opacity; Simple selections; Simple photo editing; Content aware fill; How to resurrect your old family photos.

This course is a simple introduction to PS designed to allow you to take the first steps to mastering PS. Attendance at the previous LR course would be an advantage. Participants will need a laptop with Photoshop installed, power cables and a mouse. Tutorial instruction sheets will be provided. There will be a form at the next meeting for participants to register their interest.

13 April

General Meeting
Stratford Library

All Creatures Great and Small (Digital)
Any creature whether domesticated or in the wild.

Judging March Competition and a Presentation:
Ben Stoffl

Sunday 30 April 2017
The Boulders and Babinda Township
Meet 7am at The Boulders Carpark

The Kool Spot Café ( further down Munro Street near the picture theatre) is open Sundays 8.00am onwards

NOTE: This is the 4th Sunday, not the last Sunday in the month.

Easter 14 - 16 April
Anzac Day 24 April

Advanced P/shop with Ben 1pm - 4pm Thursday 13 April at private residence.
Sorry, fully booked out now.

We welcome members to join us for a photoshoot with Ben.
Meet at Botanical Gardens main gate:
8am Good Friday.
Morning tea at the Wild Bean Cafe.

29 April

Stratford Library

Workshop with Phillipa Frederikson EFIAP MAPS SSAPS PSQA 
Venue - Stratford Library Meeting Room
Art and Photography
Abstract/Creative Photography
Creative Editing on Your Smart Phone
Creating a Portfolio
11 May

Cominos House

Tutorial Evening
Learn how to use your DSLR in Manual mode.
We will have experienced members to assist you. Don't forget to bring you camera manual.
Also any members that need some assistance with basic computer editing skills, bring you laptops.

Thursday 18 May

General Meeting
Stratford Library


Something Old (print)
May be a thing, building, person. Anything that portrays signs of ageing, delapidation or historical.
Guest Speaker
Sonia Sperling

Competition Results
Sunday 28 May 2017
Hartley's Crocodile Farm
Meet at 8.30am

8 June

Cominos House

Tutorial Evening
Water droplets

15 June

General Meeting
Stratford Library

Industrial (digital)
A picture depicting any form of industry, e.g. shots of machines, buildings, or the products of industry, such as smoke or steam.  The object is to portray the functional side rather than the human

Guest Speaker:

Sunday 11 June
2017 Cairns Airport IRONMAN

Sunday 25 June
Explore the swampier side of Cairns! Come and join us at The Jack Barnes Bicentennial Mangrove Boardwalk -7.30am (just before the Airport)
Afterwards proceed to the front area around Cairns Hospital.
Photograph around the hospital area, architecture/angles, then head to the skate park and foreshore if so desired.
Meet at Muddies for morning tea around 10-11am

13 July

Cominos House

Tutorial Evening
Flash Photography Workshop
- Must book and pay $10 for this session.

20 July

General Meeting
Stratford Library


Contrast (print)
A picture depicting two or more subjects which are intrinsically in contrast to each other, e.g. by virtue of type, shape or colour. This has nothing to do with contrasts in the photographic sense.

Lenore Howard

AGM at beginning of meeting and then follow on with our normal meeting.

Competition Results
Slideshow - Hartley's Creek

Cairns Show 19, 20, 21 July

Rules & Regulations - Section 26 here and Entry Form here

Sunday 30 July
Granite Gorge Nature Park
Opens: 9am
Lunch at Mt Uncles
further information tba.

10 August

Cominos House

Tutorial Evening Q & A, General Discussion
Start 7pm. No charge
This will be a social gathering and time for a coffee and chat. Do you have any questions? If so, bring them along on the night or email them to Eden ( and, hopefully, one of our experts can assist.

17 August

General Meeting
Stratford Library

Human Emotions (digital)
A picture of a person or people experiencing one of the human emotions, e.g. love, hate, despair, fear, sorrow, joy, greed, envy, etc. If the cause of the emotion can be included, it would be an advantage,

Guest Speaker:
Ian Maclean - Astro Photography
Sunday 27 August
Munro Martin Parklands - meet at 9am entrance Florence St.
Coffee/brunch at RSL Club, followed by Cairns Festival City walk-about.

Pop up steel bands will be playing.

14 September

Cominos House

Tutorial Evening - 7 - 9.30pm (no cost)
Photographic accessories and gadgets
Venue - Cominos House
Don't know what sort of tripod to buy? Want to know what a focussing rack is? Or. how to use an intervalometer? What on earth is a Big Stopper? Learn how to control your camera from your iPhone. What is the use of GPS data? And, for the fearless,

21 September

General Meeting
Stratford Library

Weather (print)
Anything to do with weather eg. An image that includes any elements of rain, wind, floods, ice, snow, storms, clouds or showing the destruction of any of these forces.
Guest Speaker:
Tim Warnock
Saturday 23 and Sunday 24
Weekend in Cooktown.
Information as per messge from Grant Phillips.

12 October

Cominos House

Tutorial Evening
Zoom Blur
Start 7pm. No charge
Learn how to take those interesting Zoom Blur shots in readiness for our June competition.

19 October

General Meeting
Stratford Library

Monochrome - Digital
Guest Speaker:

Sunday 29 October
Herberton and Irvinebank
The Jacarandas will be in bloom at Herberton and later in the morning we will drive to the historical mining village of Irvinebank.
Lunch will be taken at the Irvinebank Tavern. Guided tours of Loudon House, museum and Tramway Station can be arranged if there is sufficient interest.

9 November

Cominos House

Tutorial Evening
Critique – Your Best Shot
Venue - Cominos House
Start 7pm. No charge
Bring along your best shot for critique by one of our experts. Suggested changes will be carried out in Lightroom and projected onto the TV monitor so we can all see the results of the improvements.

16 November

General Meeting
Stratford Library

Humour/Funny - Digital
Sunday 26 November
Mossman & Port Douglas
Visit to some of the more interesting buildings in Mossman.
Afterwards lunch and photography at the marina, Port Douglas

14 December

Cominos House

Tutorial Evening - TBA

Christmas Time TBA

21 December

General Meeting TBA
Stratford Library
Open - Print

January 2018
No Competition
February 2018 Digital
Song and Dance
March 2018 Print
Signs and Billboards
April 2018 Digital
The Letter "C"
May 2018 Print
June 2018 Digital
Zoom Blur


2016 Monthly Competitions and Outing CALENDAR

Images may NOT be resubmitted for judging in subsequent months.
All competition entries must be handed to the competition secretary BEFORE or ON the appropriate club meeting night.
Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

This program may alter as we near these dates.
So keep your eyes on the calendar and check out our Happening's Page.
2nd Thursday monthly
2nd Thursday monthly
4th weekend
Thur 21st and
Sat 30th
Night at Cominos House
Thurs 21 Jan - prepare Children’s Ward submission with Tim and Claire.
  Additional outing:
Yungaburra Markets - Saturday 27th January
Photograph the markets and township.
Meet from 7.30am onwards in the Market area.
Morning tea 10am - coffee shop opposite Nick Swiss Inn/revamped Church
Thurs 11

PRINT - Macro (Extreme Close Up)

Eden Spence_Gray
Heather Lawson

Daintree River Cruise - Sunday 28 February
Meet 7 for 7.30am at the Daintree Village departure point.
Keep your eye on Happening's page for urgent updates re weather.

Thurs 10th


Pink and/or Purple - Any subject


Meet the Member -
Jason Van't Padje

Sunday 20th March
Meet 7.30am at main gate
Flecker Botanic Garden
Morning Tea at Wild Bean 1030am

Thurs 14th


Thurs 7th

Water - in any form


Additional Workshop/Information Night
Starts 7pm Cominos House
Booking required

Meet the Member
Sharon Reisinger

Sunday 24th April
Davies Creek - meeting time at main carpark 7.30am
Bring your picnic lunch, good walking shoes, insect repellant and sense of adventure.

Thurs 12th


Thurs 5th

Reflections (50% of image must be reflection)

Additional Workshop/Information Night
Starts 7pm Cominos House
Booking required

Guest speaker
Meet the Member
Jon Westaway

Sunday 29 May
Port Douglas - Wild Life Habitat
Breakfast with the Birds - meet 8.45am

Additional Mid-week outing 11 May - Tjapukai
15 only and bookings full. Meet 9am and you must wear your name badge.


Thurs 9th

Thurs 2nd

Trees and/or foliage /branches

Additional Workshop/Information Night
Starts 7pm Cominos House
Booking required

Meet the member

Sunday 26th June
Goldsborough Valley/Kearney's Falls - Meet at Toilet Block 0830hrs
More information on Happenings Page

Additional outing:
Friday 17 June

City Night walk
Meet at Trinity Wharf 6pm

Thurs 14th

Thurs 7th

City by Night

Additional Workshop/Information Night
Subject Dry Ice
Starts 7pm Cominos House
Booking required

Competition results


Sunday 31st July
Cancer Council 2016 Relay for Life
More information on Happenings Page


Thurs 11th
Fire, Smoke or Steam
Guest Speaker
Field Trip slideshow
Meet the Member
Saturday/Sunday 20th -21st August
Cardwell Weekend away.
More information on Happenings Page
Thurs 8th
Song, Book or Film Title
  Sunday 25th September
Paronella Park - meet 8.45-9am.

MUST Pay at our September Club meeting.
Thurs 13th

Silhouettes Mono or Colour


Guest Speaker
Graeme Masterman
Sunday 30th October
Bramston Beach -
meet 7.30am at Bramston Beach Motel
Brunch/lunch later at the Motel.
Thurs 10th
Self Portrait
  Sunday 27th November
Goomboorah Park
Meet 7.30am followed with brunch at Vines - Limberlost Nursery, Freshwater 9.30am onwards
Thurs 8th


Christmas Party
German Club
Dining - 6pm
57 Winkworth St, Bungalow 

Cairns Dome Sun 22nd January 2017

View all previous CPSinc Field Trips here.


Proudly supported by Garricks Camera House - Cairns


Ingrid Douglas - Lake Tinaroo

Kerry Schmidt - Port Douglas

Larry Russell - Port Douglas

Laurie O'Sullivan - Frankland Islands

Grahame Cornett - Cattana Wetlands

Hans Schmidt - the Tableland

Jim Towns - Lake Tinaroo

George Goddard - Edmonton

Colin Moon - Barron Falls

Eden Gray-Spence - Mourilyan Harbour



Membership 2017/18