CPS club outings - Cairns Qld Australia
Cairns photographic society field trips
from botanical gardens, to outback, beaches and townships - our photographic outings are fabulous

Cairns Photographic Society Club

Monthly Competitions and Club Outing 2011-2015

2015 Monthly Competitions and Outing CALENDAR

Images may NOT be resubmitted for judging in subsequent months.
All competition entries must be handed to the competition secretary BEFORE or ON the appropriate club meeting night.
Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

2nd Thursday monthly
2nd Thursday monthly
4th weekend
Thurs 12th

Weathered - PRINT
Could be mono or colour, people (faces) Buildings, Environment, Textures etc

Meet the Member
Yvonne Rein

Frankland Island Slideshow

Gordonvale - Outing slideshow here
Sunday 22nd

Meet 8.30am - Norman Park (some history here)
Map here and about Gordonvale
12md Lunch at Piefections
Quiz and information doc here.

Thurs 12th

Transparency - Digital
This is our judges definition:
Looking into, looking through, what can we see?
Water, window glass, containers such as aquariums, in fact anything that is clear can present us with a myriad of possibilities.
They also present a number of challenges both technical and aesthetic. Are you up to it?

Elizabeth Reeves
"Sweet Beginnings Photography"

Meet the Member
Grant Phillips

Cairns City Area - Alleyways/Doors/Windows
Sunday 22nd
Meet 7am
Outside Myers Cnr McLeod/Spence Street Cairns
Concentrate on Patterns/Perspecitives/POV/Sharp Images
Morning Tea - Wharf One Cafe 10am

Bunnings BBQ Sunday 8 March 2015

(Easter 3rd -6th April)

Thurs 9th
Yellow or Gold - Print
Main Colour/Subject must be yellow/gold.

A/Prof Glenn Porter
JCU Photo Media Lecturer

Meet the Member

Sunday 26th
Meet 9am The Falls Teahouse - Millaa Millaa
Reserved tables for morning tea.
Waterfall Circuit - Concentrate on Slow Shutter/ND filters

(Saturday 25th Anzac Day)
Thurs 14th
Who Lives/lived Here? - Digital
Any dwelling of people, animals, insects, marine life, birds etc
Meet the Member
Education DVD - Composition
Etty Bay/Mourilyan Harbour
Sunday 24th
Meet 8.30am Mourilyan Harbour Carpark
Picnic Lunch under amazing trees at Etty Bay beach
(low tide 10.26am to access other beach)
Thurs 11th
May be colour, B&W, Panorama - Any subject matter.

Meet the Member

Membership Form
2015/16 - worddoc or pdf format.

Crystal Cascades
Sunday 28th

Meet at the carpark 8am or at Nutmeg Grove to carpool.
Concentrate on Shallow DoF/Selective Focus, Textures & Critters
Bring picnic brunch and have a game of Boccee at Ingrid & Terry's place.

Thurs 9th
Musical - Digital
Musical instruments or part of, Musical Performers, anything related to music (CD, records, grammophones, sheets of music)

Special Guest


Notice of AGM
Nomination Form
Proxy Voting Form

Competition results


Beach Crawl
Sunday 26th
Meet 6am Machans Beach Cinderalla Street Carpark
First light 6.22am - Sunrise 6.45am
Low tide 11.41am  (.9m)   
High tide 5.27am (2m) 
Then head to southern end at Yorkeys Knob by approx 9-9.30 am
Then Palm Cove Jetty area and brunch at the Surf Club 11am onwards.

The Cairns Show 15,16 & 17 July 2015
All photographers that wish to enter, download Schedule 26 here.

Thurs 13th


Horizontal/Diagonal - (shows movement)
Vertical Lines - (shows strength & stability)

Meet the Member

Guest Speaker
Rob Harris

Competition Results
Outing Slideshow

Genazzano Weekend
Sat/Sun 15/16th August
Rob Harris workshop Portraits/lighting
And other workshops to be held. Further info TBA

Outing 8 Saturday & 9 Sunday – Cairns Cup Racing

Thurs 10th
Windows/Doors - Digital

Guest Speaker:
Jim Towns - China

Award night
Div 1, Div 2 and

Monochrome Competition Results

Beach Crawl Slideshow

Outing for September   11 Friday & 12 Saturday
Cairns Amateur Racing

Gordonvale Animal Education Day
Saturday September 19th

8am - 1pm Norman Park - Town Centre
12.30pm Curtis Pitt welcome speech & opening 50th Anniversary of Gordonvale High School.

Thurs 8th
Landscape showing foreground interest, midground and background interest - PRINT

Educational DVD

Door/Windows Competition Results

Genazzano Slideshow

Outing 31 October - City Walk & Zakie (Zombie Walk) See Happenings Page for full details.

Cairns Night Walk - Meet at Cruise Liner Marlin Wharf 1 at 7pm.
Thurs 12th
Celebration - Digital Guest Speaker - Gran Phillips Sunday - 29 November
Herberton Village
Hours: 9.30am to 4pm
Teahouse opens 10am to 3pm

MUST wear your name badge for entry.

Cairns to Atherton via Kuranda - 111km 1 hr 34 min - 90minutes
Via Gordonvale Gillies range 95km -1 hr 35 min    
Atherton take Atherton - Herberton Road 15mins.
Thurs 10th

Funny Photos 6x4" or 5x7" Print
For Christmas Party

Celebration Competition Results
Christmas Party
Bring $5 op shop Secret Santa gift.
Bring a plate of savoury or sweet plate to share.
AND dress up in something Christmassy and Fun.


2014 Monthly Competitions and Outing CALENDAR
No competition  

Chinese New Year

Thurs 13

BLUE - PRINT + digital on CD

Be creative. Think of the mood blue, or the colour blue. Anything that makes the viewer think and interpret blue.

Alex Pirez - overview of Club DVDs

Jackie Hammer - Speaker


Sunday 23 February
Palm Cove Evening Walk
5.30pm at jetty

Thurs 13


This could be motion blur, or intentional blur.
May be waterfalls, oceans. Abstractions. Light Trails.
Think and be creative.

Grant Phillips
Lightroom Overview

Saturday 1st March
Bunnings BBQ Fund Raiser

Sunday 23 March
Kuranda - meet 9.30am at Kuranda Information Centre
11.30 onwards - meet at Frogs Restaurant (Heritage Markets)
Table booked.

Thurs 10

URBAN B&W - PRINT + digital

May be cityscape/architectural/candid street photography.
Or it could be the gritty not so nice side of City Living and can be quite abstract.

Juergen Freund
Guest speaker

Saturday 26 April
Lake Barrine Teahouse 10am meet-up

Ravenshoe Train in conjunction with Townsville Camera Club.
Train Station location here. Meet at the Station by 1pm.
View the slideshow here.

Thurs 8

You be the judge on this one.
From portrait to people and their lifestyle.

Tim Warnock
Sister City visit to Scottsdale Arizona USA

Meet your Member

Mid Week for members who cannot attend weekends.
Wed 21 May
Granite Gorge - Meet at 9am

Sunday 25 May
Granite Gorge - Meet at 9am
Entry fee $7.50

Thurs 12

OPEN - PRINT + digital
May be colour, B&W, Panorama - Any subject matter.

Rob Harris
Preparing for a Photo Shoot

Meet your Member

14 & 15th June
Relay for Life


Thurs 10

HIGH KEY/LOW KEY - often misunderstood - DIGITAL

A high key image is a bright image full of light and mostly white tones whilst a low key image is a dark with minimal lighting and rich in black tones and lots of shadow areas.
Your subject matter is open to you.

Notice of AGM
Nomination Forms
Proxy Voting Form

Membership Form 2014/15

GENAZZANO WEEKEND - slideshow here.
Contact Jennifer for prebooking your room
More information later.

Cairns Show 16 17 18th July
View the rules here. You will need to scroll to page 17 for the Photography Section.
We need volunteers from our members.
Please let Heather or Larry know your availability.

Sunday 27July - view slideshow here
Hoglund Glass Blowing
Meet there at 10am. Directions here.
Lunch at High Falls Restaurant

Thurs 14
NATURE - PRINT + digital

Depicts living, untamed animals, uncultivated plants in their natural habitat, geology and wide diversity of natural phenomena, from insects to icebergs.
No domesticated animals, caged or under any form of constraint and any cultivated plants are not eligible.

Meet the Member:
Terry Starkey

Sunday 24 August
Seek and Find - city walk

Meet 8am outside Kickarts - 96 Abbott Street
At Jelly Babies.
Lunch RSL 12md

Thurs 11

Cars/trains/planes/bicycles and any other mode of transportation across the board. Think about this one.

Meet the Member:
Richard Foord

Meet Sister Cities delegates from Scottsfdale Arizona:
Jim Marshall and
Bob Rink

Annual Awards

Christchurch/Cairns Club Interclub Challenge

View the program from 14 to 28 September here.

Saturday 27th September
Pacific Communities Festival
2-10pm - Fogarty Park

Keep an eye on our Happenings Page.

Frankland Islands trip in October.
We need to book this by September - pay by end of this month.

Thurs 9

Following our Festival of Cairns there ought to be some good ideas forthcoming. Of course you may think of Churches or other Spiritual Places.

Meet the Member:
Ron Ferguson

Sunday 26 October

Frankland Islands
Self drive map from Cairns to Deeral
Suggest we meet up by 7.45am for
Boat departure 8.30am

If you want a recap our last island trip? Watch this.

Thurs 13


Still life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matter, most typically a small grouping of objects that are either natural or made by man. Still life photography gives the you more leeway in the arrangement of design elements within a composition.
Be creative and go overboard.

Guest Speaker:
Gemma Deavin - ABC

Meet the member:
Laurie O'Sullivan

Jason Van't Padje


Extra Mid-Week extra outing!
Wednesday 19th November.
Pier Area 4pm onwards
. More info later.

Sunday 30th November
Cairns Cemetary

Meet at 6.00pm (sunset 6.38pm)
More information on Happenings Page

Thurs 11


Thursday 11th
Dunwoody's Tavern - Sheridan Street.
Social night, platter of food, $15pp
A donation box to support a local charity in lieu of a Secret Santa
Cairns Photographic Society - CPS inc photographers in cairns


2013 Monthly Competitions and Outing CALENDAR
No competition   Saturday 19
Stratford Library - small fee.
1-5pm Workshop &
"Show us your Stuff"
Thurs 14

Among the Shadows
Definition: “An image where the emphasis is on shadows. The story or the subject should be obviously linked to the shadows.”

Guest Speaker:
Romy Bullerjah
"A Space To Create"
Gallos Dairy Farm
Sunday 24 February - 2pm coffee meet up for 3-4.30pm milking session
Thurs 14
Digital on CD

Perrin Clarke
Image Bank

Meet the Member

Saturday 23 March 9am - 5pm
Studio 'A Space to Create' 2 hr sessions
1 or 2 hrs $10ph - maximum 3 photographers per session

Thurs 11

Can be any form of 'scapes ie land/sea/city scapes
Print or Digital on CD

Meet the Member Anzac Day
Thursday 25 April
Further information - see note here
Thurs 9
Out of Context
Digital on CD
Meet the Member Daintree Bus Trip - Further information TBA
Sunday 26 May
Thurs 13

Fur, Feathers &/or Hair
Print & bring a copy on CD as well


Meet the Member

Cairns Ironman – Locate yourself wherever and photograph this event. Check out this webpage for further information
8 & 9 June
Meet back up at the Coffee Bean MID MORNING

23rd June - Paul Dymond Workshop 9-5pm

Additional Outing:
**NOTE: Saturday 29th June
8am Machans Beach - Anton's Demolition Yard
62 Tucker St Machans Beach.
Be there on time as parking is limited. We can probably all fit in the yard.
Morning tea 10.30am ? on the beach.

Thurs 11

Steps - may be stairs/stairways/ladders
Up or down - be creative.
Digital on CD

AGM - please support your club.

Meet the Member

CAIRNS SHOW 17-19 July
See item 26 for Photographic Entries here

Club monthly outing: With a difference....

**NOTE: SATURDAY - 27 July - 8.30am
Seek & Find
Start & finish - opposite Cominos House Bring your picnic lunch.

Additional Event in Cairns.
This could be fun!
The Color Run™ 5K Cairns - Fogarty Park
Cairns on Sunday July 28 2013
The Color Run™ 5k is coming to Cairns. 
“Are you ready for the craziest, colourful, 5k of your life?”
Race it solo or form a “Colour Team” of 4+ members.
A squeaky clean at the start line at 9.30am.
Check it out here. Registration closes 22nd July
Thurs 8

Perspectives: Hint....leading lines
can be defined as the sense of depth or spatial relationships between objects in the photo, along with their dimensions with respect to the viewpoint (camera lens or the viewer).

Print & bring a copy on CD as well

Peter Rossi

Meet the Member

**NOTE: SATURDAY 24 August

Discover Port Douglas with picnic on 4 Mile Beach afterwards.
Meet at the Marina - 7.30-8am

How to get there.
933 Glen Allyn Rd, Glen Allyn

Thurs 12

Close Encounters - may include macro

Digital on CD or USB stick

Meet the Member

Sunday 29 September

Nerada Tea Plantation
Morning Tea - Map here
Malanda Hotel Lunch or picnic at Malanda Falls

Meet at Plantation 9am
Photograph enroute to Plantation

Thurs 10
Open - Print + CD or USB stick Meet the Member **NOTE: Saturday 26 October

Meet at Cairns Line Terminal 6pm for walkabout
Thurs 14
Low Light - Digital USB stick or CD Meet the Member Sunday 24 November

Catana Wetlands from 5.30am - from birds to macro shoot. Bird's eye view map here. Outing Slideshow here.
Yorkey's Knob Boat Club breakfast tables booked from 8.30am. Breakfast Menu here - reasonably priced.
Then to Yorkey Knob Beach perhaps for some slow shutter work, leisurely walk or observe kite surfing if on.
Thurs 12
Cairns Photographic Society - CPS inc photographers in cairns

Comp Results

Outing Slideshow

Xmas Party

Bring some yummy food & drink.

Be there by 6.45pm

2012 Calendar
January No Club Meeting only a Social Get-together   The Esplanade Social outing.
Sun 22nd January - 6pm at the Lagoon BYO BBQ or picnic
Tues 7th

"Open" - Print

February - Open

Educational Evening

Josephine Falls
Slideshow here (p/w protected)
Sunday 19th February.

Tues 6th
1/1000th sec "Pick a Card"" Digital on CD Educational Evening Botanical Gardens - Free Entry
Information Office inside the gardens
Sunday 18th - 7.30am
Thurs 12
"Flowers on the Move"
- Print
Educational Evening

W/E Ingham - in conjunction with Townsville Photographic Club
Meeting at Lucinda Warf 9am Sunday 22 April
A few members are going down on Saturday to make a weekend of this outing.

Thurs 10
"People of Character"
Digital on CD
Educational Evening Dimbulah - Sunday 20th
Meet at Jonathan Dean's home - 8-8.15am Instructions sent by email.
Thurs 14
"Architecture &/or Engineering"
- Print
Educational Evening Herberton Historic Village
Open: 9am - 5pm
Entry Fee
Sunday 17th
Thurs 12

Black & White Images
No sepia or colour toned
- Digital on CD

*** AGM & Social - please come and support your Club.

Your Annual fees are due.Download - Membership Application for 2012/13

  Local Cairns Show - 20 to 22 July
Entry forms here - Section 26 for Photography Entries

Monthly outing - Ellis Beach
Sunday 29 July 6.30am
Meet at carpark north of Surf Lifesaving house/pub.
Bring breakfast/morning tea/lunch and camera gear.
Thurs 9
Through the Looking Glass
eg. window, lens, magnifying glass, mirror etc
John Young Speaker

Centenary Lakes - subject Portraits
Sunday 19th - approx 9am

Saturday 25 Sunday 26 August - PSQ Seminar
at St Monica School

Thurs 13
Portrait - Digital on CD  

Peace Week - roster TBA - Friday 21st September

Club outing: Sunday 23rd September
Church walk & Skate Park  
7am Temple then 7.45am St Monica Church
, breakfast at Muddies, then to Skate Park

Afterward you can go to Cairns Navy Base for Open Day free to take photos at the Navy Base.

Thurs 11
Along, in, on or through a fence
  Franklind Islands Day Trip - Sunday 28 October
Photo Shoot
meeting at Deeral 8am
Thurs 8
Colour Red - Digital on CD   Night Walk in Cairns - Saturday 24th November
Meet 5pm Pointy End of Lagoon
Thurs 13
Cairns photographers, CPS inc photography club in Cairns Queensland Australia  

Xmas Party Break-up
***** 2nd December - Sunday 11am
Picnic Lunch Private Residence @ Ingrid & Terry "Nutmeg Grove"


2011 Calendar

Monthly Meeting
Monthly Outings
Tues 1st
Results Signs of the Zodiac

Marco Trovalusci
Sunday 20th - 8.30am at Station
Tues 1st
Results Written Word
Outing Comp/Kuranda
Jack Shield
Outback Photography
Cairns Tropical Zoo
Sunday 20th March - 8.30am at gate
Tues 5th
Speed - Print Competition
Results here - Speed
Educational Evening

Mossman Gorge
Sunday 17th April - 8am at Carpark

Tues 3rd
Self Portrait - Print
Results Self Portrait

Cairns Show Prep.

Eacham Falls - Vision Falls
Saturday 14th May - 6.30am
Tues 7th
Open - Digital

Q&A Panel

Northern end of Cairns Esplanade
American Car Club
Sunday 19th June - 8.30am onwards

Tues 5th
Trees - Print
Cairns Show Week

GEO tagging

Palm Cove Beach - Sunday 17th July
Slideshow here (p/w protected)
Tues 2nd
Water - Digital Educational Fitzroy Island Resort W/E 20th/21st
Slideshow here (p/w protected)

Tues 6th


Life Style of Cairns - Digital
& Creative Section
Educational Sunday 18 September
Alleyways of Cairns (p/w protected)
Tues 4th
In My Backyard - Print Educational

Sunday 17 Oct - Innisfail (p/w protected)

Tues 1st
7 Deadly Sins
& Creative Section Results

Saturday 19 November
Country Road (p/w protected)
Sawmill at Gordonvale then go onto Goldsborough Valley

Tues 6th
  Xmas Party

Bring some yummy food & drink

Secret Santa Pressie
$5 Op-Shop