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I have only been a member of the Cairns Photographic Society for one year but wish that I had joined up much earlier. I have learned so much in that time enjoying the monthly meetings, photographic competitions and outings that I can attend. Cairns and its surrounds offer so many great photographic opportunities as highlighted in our club outings.

My interest in photography started just before my teens when looking at slideshows of my family’s epic around the world trip to Hong Kong, London, Belfast and through the USA with my parents and two younger brothers in 1969. My passion increased with the purchase of my first Minolta SLR camera in 1978 as a twentieth birthday present before heading to Colorado as a Lions Club exchange student.

My work as a Consultant General Paediatrician has given me an opportunity to travel in Australia and abroad fostering an interest in travel photography. The digital SLR age finally arrived in 2007 with the purchase of a Nikon D80 for my fiftieth birthday when I found my three sons sporting exploits required more than “point and shoot” capabilities to capture their activities. Thus my interest in sports photography particularly in baseball and tennis. (Check out the Cairns Baseball website.)

Recently I have had the pleasure of assisting families in recording photographically the initial moments of the arrival of their new baby at Caesarean Section deliveries that I attend as part of my work. I find most Dads’ are so emotionally involved that I can record some initial memories with their camera then do my paid work. I remind them that the delete button is available if the images are a little too graphic.

The wonders of the digital age!!!

1 Champion Puppy
1 Skyrail Mist
10 Flying Venus
10 Pomegranite
11 Almost There
11 Southern Cross Station
12 Dayne Kelly
12 Hunter Tugs
13 Boogie Boarder
2 DogTrials - Cairns Show
2 Fig Parrot
3 Canopy Surfers
3 Cricket- Drs v Lawyers
4 Barrier Reef Baseball
4 Rock Wallaby
5 Barrier Reef Final
5 Prawn Netting
6 Morning light
6 Reds Premiers
7 Rock Drilling
7 You're Out
8 Blues festival
8 Satellite Women's Tennis
9 Braziliance
9 Caesarian Birth