Due to popular demand the next four workshops (March, April, May and June) will cover post-processing in Lightroom (LR), Photoshop (PS), Luminar 4 and NIK filters. There will be a short lecture/tutorial followed by one-on-one instruction so members will have plenty of opportunities for hands-on practical experience. Raw images will be provided to all participants so you can work through to a final image processed to your own satisfaction. Preferably, you will need to bring a laptop with both LR and PS but if you do not have one, there will be a few spare laptops that you can borrow for the night.

See the Calendar for dates

Workshop 1March: Initially we will cover just the Lightroom Develop Module showing how to automate the post-processing work. Workflows to guide you through the various sliders, brushes, filters, etc, from basic to more advanced will be covered.

Workshop 2 April: The second workshop will move on to more advanced LR topics such as merging panoramas, transforming, tone corves, vignettes, spot removal etc to give your image more punch. LR plugins such as the NIK filters and Luminar 4 will be explored in detail.

Workshop 3 May: In this workshop we will move on to Photoshop. Why would you want to do that and what can you do in PS that you can’t do in LR.

Workshop 4 June: Finally, we will bring it all together and members will take a number of supplied images through to final products using the skills acquired.