Sunday 26th May 2019.  We had a good turnout at today's meeting but would have welcomed a few more. Perhaps the threatening weather encouraged some members to sleep in. It was fun and lots of laughs as the treasure hunters struggled to decipher the cryptic clues along with mastering their phone cameras. I for one, could not control the phone camera and gave in after a few tries in favour of a real camera. How those tourists master their selfie sticks is a complete mystery.  

The judges have convened, the verdicts are in and no correspondence will be entered into.

The winners are - drumroll:

In first place with only one error - Jackie and Ingrid,

In second place with a score of 4 errors – Irene and Corinne,

In third place with a score of 5 errors – Tim and Larry, and,

In fourth place with a score of 6 errors – Ken and Alex (well Ken, actually, as Alex powered ahead and decided to put his efforts into socialising rather than clue hunting)

Disqualified on account of not handing in their papers – Yvonne and Mike

Encouragement Award goes to Cynthia who struggled with her unresponsive iPad and who had to bail after lunch for pressing tennis commitments.

And a Special Award for lateral thinking goes to Ken Pettit for working out that builders Hansen Yunken have in all probability discovered the Elixir of Life having been in business for 100 years.


Treasure Hunters.jpg

The Happy Hunters – photo by Larry





Corinne takes a break






I wonder if that is a clue?

Don’t forget Treasurer Hunters, submit your best image of the day via the member’s upload page and the best will be awarded a prize at our next meeting.