Sunday 26th May 2019 - Treasure Hunt and Phone Photo Challenge. This outing will be a City Walk Treasure Hunt with members joining together in teams of two, for help and inspiration. Members will assemble at the front of the City Library in Abbott Street at 10am., and then, armed with a Clue Sheet, the task will be to find and photograph as many of the hidden clues as possible, along the route. You will need to observe and follow the clues carefully so you don't get lost. There will be a break for lunch at a cafe as described in the Clue Sheet. And just to make life more interesting and different, this will be a phone photo challenge. Clues are to be photographed with a phone or iPad camera and all adjustment to be done with the in-device development apps. If you don't have a phone camera get out that old film camera or early steam-powered digital model that is stored in the bottom of the cupboard and let's see what results. Some gems, perhaps, some complete disasters - who knows -  time will tell. There will be prizes for the first team to identify all clues correctly as well as the best image of the day. Also, don't forget to send your best 10 photos to Larry for the next slide show. Click on the Treasure Map below, for a copy of your clue sheet and download and print it in readiness for the outing.


Treasure Map