Sunday 29th September 2019 – Cattana Wetlands.

Meeting place: Car Park 3pm. Turn left at Dunne Rd, off Yorkeys Knob Rd, then left at the roundabout near the tip. 

The Cattana Wetlands is an 80 ha nature conservation park, originally a sand quarry resulting in multiple salt and fresh water lakes.

Sharren Wong (a regular volunteer at the Wetlands) will be available to guide us around.

There are picnic tables, bird hutches, plenty of seating around the walking trails, toilets and water bubblers on site. It has recently had some major upgrades with more access to the other lakes. 

What to bring:

Zoom lens for those keen on bird photography

Wide lens for landscapes

Macro lens for plant close ups


Mozzie spray will be needed

Bring snacks and coffee in a thermos if you wish.

What to photograph:


Other wildlife such as turtles

Pathways and boardwalks through the pandanus palms and forest

Landscapes with mountain backdrop, paperbark trees, reflections, lily pads.

Maybe some light painting at night of trees? Park closes at 7pm.

Dinner afterwards from 7pm at Burito Bar Smithfield Shopping Centre (southern end) for those who wish to socialise.