Here you will find a list of all recent changes to the website.

27/06/2019 - A new menu item, TUTORIALS, has been added under the MEMBERS menu. Member login may be necessary to view some of these tutorials. 

29/06/2019 - June 2019 Newsletter has been added 

06/07/2019 - Format of Tutorial page has been altered and a new tutorial, Milky Way Photography, has been added.

12/07/2019 - New tutorial added, slideshow of tutorial of 11/07/2019 - Basic computer setup and backup data

21/07/2019 - Final Competition point scores for 2018-2019 added

21/07/2019 - Judging slideshow for June competition added and some "Honours" images added to earlier slideshows

21/07/2019 - May Outing Slideshow - City Treasure Hunt added

21/07/2019 - Rules for the Print Competition added and clarified.

23/07/2019 - July Outing added to Calendar and Latest News

30/07/2019 - August tutorial added to Calendar and Latest News

06/08/2019 - Mackay PSQ Mini-Conference added to Calendar 14th-15th September

09/08/2019 - Details of August outing entered in Calendar and Latest News

10/08/2019 - Tutorial - Preparing and Uploading your Competition Entries, added

16/08/2019 - Judging slideshows for the July comps and Outings videos for July and August added. Competition point scores added to Latest News and various changes to Outings, etc.

30/08/2019 - September Outing in Latest News and Calendar.