From July 2019 there will be a change to the competition by the addition of a new category. The categories will be:

•     Division 1 - Digital Only, maximum of 3 entries per member

•     Division 2 - Digital Only, maximum of 3 entries per member

•     Creative/Altered Reality - Digital Only, maximum of 3 entries per member

•     PRINT, maximum of 3 entries per member

Entries in the Division 1 and Division 2 categories must adhere to the set subjects, defined below. All PRINT competitions, however, will be OPEN. This is to give the PRINT entrants as much latitude as possible should they subsequently want to use the printed image for another purpose.

There will be five (5) PRINT competitions annually and any member, whether Division 1 or Division 2 may enter the PRINT competition.

Members can enter in their Division, Creative/Altered Reality, Print or all three in any one competition month.

Rules for Print Images can be found on the Competition Rules Page 


May 2019,  PrintArchitecture, an image where the subject contains, predominantly, building elements comprising part or all of an architectural structure and can include either internal and external architectural elements. This is a PRINT competition.


June 2019, Digital First or Last Light, an image where the use of first light or last light is obvious to the viewer


July 2019, Digital - Leaves Foliage, the image must be predominately of foliage - can be green or dry

July 2019, Print - Open


August 2019, Digital - Travel, Travelling in any country - showing means of travel and or travelling experiences


September 2019, Digital - Glass, An image in which all featured subjects are made of glass. The surroundings may be other than glass, as long as they are not intrusive.

September 2019, Print - Open


October 2019, Digital - Beach/Marine, An image in which the main subject is on the beach with sufficient visual evidence to show the nature of the location.  The subject maybe human or otherwise, but things normally found on the beach would have stronger appeal. e.g. starfish, driftwood, or seaweed. The Oxford dictionary defines "beach" as sandy or pebbly shore of the sea.  Featured rocks are therefore, excluded.


November 2019 - People at Work, An image showing a person or people engaged in an occupation, which can not be classed as a hobby, hobby, pastime, recreation, sport, or play.  It is thought that judges will be more favourably impressed if the subject is intent on the work they are doing, rather than smiling at the camera.

November 2019, Print - Open


December 2019 - Digital, Open


February 2020 - The Letter M,  An image featuring the letter "M" or with the main subject being an object or an occupation beginning with the letter M.


March 2020 - Low Key,  A picture in which the dark tones predominate but not necessarily excluding the lighter tones. The picture should be planned as a low key shot from the beginning. Any image in any photographic genre that is either exposed or developed as a Low Key image.



April 2020 - Flight,  An image showing animals, people, birds or man-made objects in flight or an image clearly illustrating the freedom and emotions of flight. 


May 2020 - Odd Number,  Any image featuring an odd number. This may be a physical number, a written number or an odd number of prominent features within the image.

May 2020, Print - Open